OneSight (previously Gift of Sight) is a non-profit organization that mobilizes eye care professionals, industry experts, volunteers, and partners to provide comprehensive eye exams and glasses to those in need. By employing a strategy of both immediate and long-term solutions, OneSight brings vision care to people in the United States and across the globe. Maintaining the highest standard of care no matter where in the world they are working, OneSight develops solutions customized to meet local needs. Patients then walk away empowered to give their best to families, employers, teachers, and communities.

Dr. Kiefer has been an integral component of OneSight’s local and global missions. He has long partnered with local health organizations in northern Colorado and along the Front Range, seeing OneSight patients weekly.

He has also served with the program in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Eastern Europe, Gambia, Mexico, Panama, The Philippines, Rwanda, Thailand, and most recently, Vietnam.

OneSight has served 9 Million People in 41 countries since its inception in 1988. With the help of dedicated partners, there are 8 sustainable Vision Centers operating today, providing permanent access to vision care to over 2 million people.

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